New Era


Fascinating Times
Fashion x Trend x Diversity

Three elements are fast as one is the design style of [NEW ERA], which is suitable for fashionable people who like to pursue fashion. It is fashionable and affordable. It is the main axis. In response to the changing fashion, <Let you not find the ordinary in the ordinary Chinese family that is exclusive to you. >

<Glamour Era Shining Generation>


<NEW ERA > 迷人時代

時尚 x 潮流 x 多元 

三元素為一體是[NEW ERA] 的設計風格,適合喜歡追求流行多樣風格的時尚族群,已快時尚且平價為主軸,因應變化多端的時尚生態,<讓妳在平凡中找到專屬於妳的不平凡>


                                  <迷人時代    閃耀世代>

July 19, 2022

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