Venus Venus
You are in charge of the most beautiful goddess among the twelve main gods in ancient Roman mythology
"Love, beauty, lust, fertility, prosperity"
And we use the key of the goddess Venus to open the wonderful "treasure" that has not yet been discovered in this fascinating world
And the treasure is all the mystery and beauty of this world
Because of this idea, the name of the world's top women's fashion brand of Yongxu International Group was derived
"Vénus Key of Venus"
Hope to bring to every woman in the world
The most luxurious, innovative and shining top clothing boutiques that can rival the beauty of gods

We hope that every valued customer who buys our brand can compare
"Diamonds are more dazzling"

"Beauty and fashion are easier to control"
Depend on
"Luxury you come to dominate the luxury"
Vénus 維納斯
『Vénus 維納斯之鑰』

『奢華的你們 來主宰奢華』
    May 19, 2022

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