The mortal queen has a crown to be crowned, and the goddess Venus is even more indispensable
To create a crown that can be worn on the goddess, we referenced and matched Venus' birthplace "the sea"
Venus, born from the foam in the waves, was enthroned as the twelve gods
Received gifts and blessings from the ocean "Crown of the Sea"
"The Crown of the Crown of the Sea" is made, it is inlaid in the middle of the crown
Hidden deep in the seabed for tens of thousands of years, it is a luminous pearl with the unique appearance of the essence of the sun and the moon.
The noble design perfectly complements the Vénus with its beauty stand
Using "Crown of the Sea" as the representative logo of the brand, it symbolizes the world's

"Life, Creation, Rebirth"
Hope the future will be on the endless road on the track
<One-of-a-kind Nas Life>
<Continuous creation of value to enhance the additional functions of products such as Venus>
<Let Venus Zhiruo share the beauty of the new world together>






凡塵女王有皇冠得加冕,那身為女神的Vénus 更不可獲缺
創造能匹配上女神的皇冠,我們參考了Vénus 的出生之地『大海』
從海浪中的泡沫誕生出的Vénus ,在登基上十二主神時


May 19, 2022

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