From Boutique Purchasing to Multinational Brand Cooperation                                   "Luxury Venus" Founder James                              Insights into Fashion Business Opportunities

Taiwan used to be known as the Kingdom of Textiles, but thirty years ago, with the migration of Taiwanese businessmen, the garment industry gradually moved from Taiwan to China, Vietnam and other regions with cheap labor costs and low prices, and more than 70% of the garment industry The closure of factories, the relocation of industries, and the gradual decline of the textile and garment industry. Taiwan's garment industry is slowly transforming towards a high unit price and refined route.

The founder James has traveled to 17 countries around the world, from Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States, etc., to experience different aspects of life during his travels in different countries. He accidentally came into contact with boutique purchasing agents, and was shocked by the output value and potential of the fashion industry , from which he also found that different cultures have developed different fashion industries, and the fashion backgrounds of the East and the West are also very different. With a background in marketing, he began to become interested in the fashion industry, and the blueprint for entrepreneurship in his heart was pieced together bit by bit.

"In fact, we have always held the idea of ​​keeping our industrial competitiveness in Taiwan, and we hope to keep our talents and resources in Taiwan."

Looking at the vast business opportunities in the global market, James began to cooperate with multinational companies and found a tailor-made garment factory in Tainan that has been cultivating for 40 years. The boss not only insists on the texture and taste of exquisite garments, but is also a high order in department stores. The long-term partner of women's clothing also embraces the persistence and philosophy of quality, and started the road of cooperation. With a manufacturer and a suitable investor, the "Luxury Venus" brand was announced in November 2021.

Keeping competitiveness in Taiwan, the sense of mission and responsibility behind it comes from James' love for this land, as well as his appreciation and trust in the quality of MIT. More than 90% of the clothing is made in Taiwan, successfully integrating resources and talents. Staying in Taiwan also hopes to increase the competitiveness of Taiwan's garments in the global industrial chain.

"Luxury Venus" has been established for nearly a year. It has been favored by many European and American people with its light and luxurious American style. The brand is positioned as fashionable, trendy, and diversified. female.



Officially entering the Taiwan market, we want to serve consumers with more favorable prices and quality. We use Japanese high-grade graphene technology textile fabrics. It took several months to jointly develop and design with the American team. It is manufactured in Taiwan and is suitable for most Asian women. Graphene Goddess Pants finally appeared on Taiwan『 Zec Zec』fundraising platform in November this year.

The graphene technology textile fabric imported from Japan is specially selected. The new nanometer not only has high thermal conductivity, but also has high strength that far infrared rays can penetrate deeply. It is high-strength, high-density and light and breathable. Stand out from the crowd, the comfortable and thin trousers design is a versatile style for all occasions.

The cup-style tops are made of Korean quality assurance manufacturers, and the top-grade latex material is customized. Good determination to open the first page of sales in Taiwan with graphene goddess pants.


"It's easy to give up some small things, but we have made the biggest decision and chose to persevere like this. Start with the smallest things and achieve the greatest business opportunities."

Founder James, with his insight into business opportunities, from the initial market layout to planning and execution, looks at the global sales pattern, and leads the trend of fashion products. To be fashionable, but also to be luxurious, not only to be easy to wear, but also to be top-notch comfortable. James hopes that "Luxury Venus" can gain a place in the highly competitive fashion industry and let the world see the strength of MIT's fashion industry.


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December 21, 2022

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