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In November 2021, through the cross-funded cooperation between Taiwan and the United States, the international clothing brand "Luxury Venus" was born in Yan, spanning 12,000 kilometers, with a distance of nearly 12 hours. How to achieve perfect cross-border communication, the founder James proposed To: "The most important thing for multinational companies is the SOP of each work link. How to realize the integration of the industrial chain from design, production to shipment, as well as cross-international and cross-departmental integration, we have made a lot of efforts in this regard, Because of this, the integrated design and creativity are more international.”

Lead the trend and create a top fashion brand 

The brand positioning of "Luxury Venus" is exquisite in everything from design and development to material selection. When it comes to the details of the products, the founder of James patiently explained them one by one, which also shows his enthusiasm and persistence for the brand. He mentioned "Luxury Venus The brand spirit of "is not only luxury, but also texture. For this reason, the quality requirements and control of the products are not only very strict, but also a multinational team dedicated to design. Ninety percent of the products are made in Taiwan. In order to find The purpose is to provide consumers with better texture and experience.

Embrace change and find your extraordinary self

The brand style of "Luxury Venus" focuses on light luxury, health, vitality, and texture. Through the remote connection design between Taiwan and the United States, a completely different spark of cooperation emerges. The products cover intellectual simplicity, sports and leisure, and sexy dresses. In addition to different aspects and different styles, in addition to meeting the various aspects of women in life and meeting the ever-changing fashion trends, it also has the meaning of finding an extraordinary self in the ordinary.

The best-selling 『VÉNUS FLASH 』Yoga Set features high-performance and stylish sports style. The macaron color system is full of relaxed and energetic atmosphere. The brand guarantees that it will not fade or relax. It must present the best texture and give consumers Comfortable and comfortable dressing experience.

The culture of treating employees well promotes the positive cycle of enterprises

James also believes that the most important thing to start a company is the human heart, so one of the brand's corporate cultures is to treat employees well, treat each employee well, just like treating their own family members, so that they can lead employees to work together for the realization of common goals; the second is to maintain Drive and enthusiasm, don’t be content with the status quo, be restless with the status quo, don’t be afraid of the status quo, stay focused, hold the momentum, have the courage to try, and dare to challenge, in order to create and break the deadlock; the third is trust, breaking the hierarchy Relationships and flexible communication allow every idea to be seen, maintain trust, and cultivate employees' sense of accomplishment and sense of responsibility. When employees agree with the company's culture and philosophy, they will naturally move forward together with aspirations.

International brands sold worldwide to maximize business opportunities
"Luxury Venus" should not only be based in Taiwan, but also look forward to the world. The sales of products will go deep into all parts of the world, including Taiwan, the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia...etc. The initial strategic plan is to enter the international market, and look at the entire fashion industry market in a big picture , Such a choice is to realize the greatest business opportunity.
In addition, "Luxury Venus" also adopts Shopify, the world's largest e-commerce system, which provides greater protection for consumers' information security, and more options for online shopping and checkout. In order to speed up overseas commercial transportation, Let consumers receive the goods as soon as possible, and also negotiate a cross-industry alliance with FedEx, and is currently the main overseas commercial transportation partner.
"Luxury Venus" will develop new products every season, trying to achieve a perfect balance between fashion trends and brand quality. At present, it is also planning to establish the first brand image store in Los Angeles, USA, and continue to promote "Luxury Venus" The brand concept and brand philosophy hope that more women will fall in love with "Luxury Venus", achieve themselves, and become their own Venus goddess.
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December 21, 2022

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