Vénus Global Goddess Day Lucky Draw is coming!
Are you a fan of the Vénus brand?
Do you like Vénus?
Or are you secretly following Vénus?
Don't be shy, don't hesitate, whether it's photos/videos,
bravely show off your exclusive Vénus OOTD.
Now you can participate in the Vénus Goddess Day mysterious lucky draw in Instragram
#Tag :usa.venus
Regardless of any country or region.
What are you waiting for?
Hurry up and show your exclusive Vénus Style!
你是Vénus品牌的愛好者嗎?你喜歡Vénus 嗎?還是你正在偷偷的關注Vénus?
不要害羞 不要猶豫 
勇敢秀出你專屬的Vénus OOTD
#Tag :usa.venus
不論任何國家 任何地區
趕快去Show 出你專屬的Vénus Style 吧!
September 20, 2022

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